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Give Your Child The Best Start in Life. Keep Their Resources Authentic!

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Your Child Deserves True Knowledge.
Be Careful Who They Take Their Knowledge From Lest They Go Astray!




We are Umm Assad Publications. An independently-owned book publishing company. A team of professional and trustworthy writers, editors, illustrators, students of knowledge and more wa-lillaahil-Hamd.


We live in a time where authentic resources are not attained from trustworthy people, not referenced correctly or include picture-making. So we’re here to support you in providing authentic children’s Islamic learning resources which captivate and educate young readers without compromising our beliefs.


We focus on the most important subjects every child needs to know and our priority is to protect 3 important steps in all our resources by Allah Ta’ala permission:

  1. Authentic Sources – Whenever an Islamic statement is made, it is referenced from authentic sources (i.e Quran and Sunnah) to connect you back to its source, the people of truth and to also give you the confidence that the texts itself are truthful
  2. No picture-making – Rest assured as you will not find any picture-making according to the correct understanding in Islam. All our images avoid anything with a soul in it as understood by the salaf
  3. Read and checked – Trustworthy students of knowledge, thoroughly read and check our resources to ensure its authenticity and before becoming available to you and your children.

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Baarik Allahu feekom!
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216 thoughts on “Umm Assad Publications

  1. The books of Umm Assad Publication are not only very well made but carefully checked for any mistakes by students of knowledge. That’s a great help in providing our homeschooled children with colourful, engaging and at the same time authentic resources. We are in great need for this books to make learning fun and in line with Quran and Sunnah.
    Barakallahu fikum to all who are behind this platform!


  2. Assalamu alaykum!
    I need these books because I want to gift them to my four year old niece so her love for Islaam grows. She lives with her two parents that are very occupied with their work and they do not give much attention to learning or teaching about Islaam so she has little to no exposure to it. In the past, I purchased some of these books for my daughter and she mostly follows along when I read it to her, alhamdulillah. I believe my niece will, in shaa Allah, also enjoy listening and looking through these books because it is easy to follow along due to the fun rhyming language and bright, interactive illustrations (that are free of image-making! Alhamdulillah). At the same time, I hope that her parents will be able to benefit from it when they are reading to her. I ask Allah to guide them and keep them and us firm upon Islaam.


  3. I need these books because they will aid me in teaching my daughter using authentic books. I love the illustrations with no faces and implementation of the Quran and Sunnah in a beautiful child friendly way.


  4. I need these books because I want to build my my children to have a worldview that reflects the Qur’aan and Sunnah. I want to build my children’s Islaamic library with beneficial books, I need these books because some of my children love to draw and Allaah has gifted them with talent in this way mashaaAllaah. I want my children to have an example of using a gift from Allaah in a way that is pleasing to Allaah Subhanna wa Ta’la to develop something beautiful mashaaAllaah.


  5. Baarak Allaah feekum.
    I want these books because they’re authentic and i want to educate myself and others (kids) from these resources in shaa Allaah


  6. I need these books because we could really benefit from them as I’m really trying to instill and blossom the love of Islamic knowledge and Islam in our children’s hearts. We we find it very hard to find suitable and affordable islam adhering books and entertainment for them and these books Will fit perfectly into our homes and hearts, Ma’sha’Allah. (A quick note of appreciation to the author May Allah grant you and your family so many blessings and rewards for your work , Ameen.) Our children are at an impressionable and curious age (15, 10 and five years) and I really want them to be filled with ilm and iman instead of the western ideologies which we are bombarded with all around us. ‏جزاك الله خيرا for this opportunity and for producing these books.


  7. I need this book because i want to instill authentic islamic values in my children life. Its hard to find authentic resources with no picture making. It’s hard to find children book with authentic resources yet beautiful made simplicity and good presentation of colour. Book where put so much thought in it to spread authenticity.

    Therefore this would be lovely to have in my our mini home library.

    Barakallahu feeki.


  8. I need these books because I’m other wise unable to get them here in India. I have been trying for 5 years for a way to get your books for my children who love to read. My older children are all grown up now but my 6 year old will enjoy them


  9. assalamu alaikum warahmutullahi wabarkatuh. i want these books because first they are salafi books and also they are no faces nor any words that will misguide us from the straight path.well also i want to guide my children to the straight path and i ask allah to protect my children from those who practise major and minor islamic practises and my children really love books which have colourful and bright pictures without faces and they also like books which have beautiful ayahs and some small stories in the book. may allah bless you in this world and the hereafter and may allah protect you from the punishment of the hellfire and may allah reward you for guiding the children to the right path ameen




  10. I need these books as we home educate and they would be a chance for my children to gain Islamic knowledge inshaallah, living in a non Muslim country in financial difficulty has been a real challenge so these books would be a fantastic chance for my children maashaallah.


  11. I want to buy these books, as these are from authentic resources, there is no picture making in them, and furthermore these are checked by students of knowledge.
    بارك الله فيكم


  12. I need these books because I have 2 homeschoolers who I want to teach the correct deen to and these books do that Alhamdulillaah. They don’t contain pictures of things with a soul which I love and teach to my kids and what’s more they are checked by students of knowledge. The pictures are colourful and vibrant and lovely to look at. I would love to give these books to my kids for Eid so I can read them again and again inshaaAllaah.


  13. I need this books to teach my kids authentic Islamic knowledge in a fun way. I want to inculcate the love for reading in them from a young age. To get these books as a eid gift will be a blessing.


  14. I need these books because finding books for kids with proper islamic tarbiyah, halal illustrations yet still fun to read is extremely rare.


    1. I need these books for my children so that they can learn and be guided by their teaching. I would like to see my children reading this type of book that has Islamic content so that they can use it in their daily lives and benefit from it. I have a son who since he comes home sits down to read anything that has letters, he prefers reading to doing other things and these books would be very good InshaAllah for his development as a better person.
      Its nice to see this type of islamic content that engage to make a difference in the world and lead us to the right path. Ameen


  15. I need these books because I want to instil the love of islam in my children. My children and I were born in Australia and growing up in a non Muslim country I feel like I also need to learn with my children. I need these books because we will cherish them as we learn from them. May Allah reward you immensely for your dedication in making these books and making sure they are authentic gems of knowledge.


  16. As Salaamu Alaiki, I need these books because, I would like to teach my children in a manner that they will understand and your books always grasp their attention and keeps them engaged.


  17. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    I need these books because I gave young children who would greatly benefit from them. My daughter and I love the book Allah alone we worship.


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