Golden Advice

Prepare your children for this life and the afterlife with this wonderfully written book that teaches the importance of being careful whom we take our knowledge from, along with a golden list of advice all children need. Read… … More Golden Advice

Companions of The Prophet

The Arabian culture theme in this beautifully illustrated book, allows your children to enjoy learning some great facts about the companions and their legacy, including their Mission, Message, Worship, Manners, Status and Virtues, Sacrifice, Enemies, Brotherhood, and Names. Read … More Companions of The Prophet


99 Names Of Allah

Enjoy this wonderfully written, eye-opening and enlightening book. The seal of the series Allah is One.  This book seeks to acquaint young children with the Oneness of Allah through the importance of understanding His unique and authentic Names and Attributes. Read… … More 99 Names Of Allah

Allah Alone We Worship

The second book in the series ‘Allah is One’. An excellent series of books in which to familiarise children with the Oneness of Allah. This edition introduces the Oneness of worship, focusing on one of the most important questions that every child yearns to know the answer to; what is your purpose in life? Read… … More Allah Alone We Worship

Allah Is My Lord

For many children, learning about God is one of the first things they experience in literature. The teaching of God as The Creator (Al-Khaaliq) often results in a state of wonder and excitement in a child and can be the bedrock of a happy and successful life. Read… … More Allah Is My Lord

What Islamic Books To Study and In What Order?

Before you is a huge list of Islamic books; what to study and in what order. They are all recommended by Scholars (may Allah have mercy on them all).  What Books to Study and in What Order by Shaykh Muḥammad Amān ibn Alī al-Jāmī: ‘TheThree Principles’ ‘The Pillars of the Prayer and its Obligations and Conditions’  … More What Islamic Books To Study and In What Order?


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