Salaamu ‘alaykom w rahmatullahi w barakaatu!

We are working on producing authentic materials for your children like you’ve never seen before. If you’re tired of compromising your deen just to satisfy your children’s educational needs and would like to see authentic resources then you have come to the right place!

Please sign up on the link to the side for your FREE ‘Tawheed Quiz’ download and stay up to date with us insha’Allah.

We look forward to supporting you with authentic resources insha’Allah.
Baarik Allaahu feekom!

Umm Assad Publications
Take Pride In Authenticity



One thought on “Welcome…

  1. Ya Allah! Im soo excited. Words cant express how much the ummah needs this. jizak-Allah-kheir all the people involved. Allah make this spread far and wide, ALLAHUMMA AMEEN


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