Righteousness to Parents

Let your children understand and appreciate the blessings of having you in their lives with this virtuous book full of examples of how a child can be righteous to their parents. Read … More Righteousness to Parents

The Prophet Muhammad

With so many wonderful things to learn about the Prophet Muhammad, sall-Allaahu alayhi wa sallam, this book uncovers some important facts in order to gain a better understanding of him as a whole; from his Prophethood, lineage, characteristics to his message, worship, status and more. Read … More The Prophet Muhammad

Allah Alone We Worship

The second book in the series ‘Allah is One’. An excellent series of books in which to familiarise children with the Oneness of Allah. This edition introduces the Oneness of worship, focusing on one of the most important questions that every child yearns to know the answer to; what is your purpose in life? Read… … More Allah Alone We Worship