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(In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful)

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Give Your Child The Best Start in Life. Keep Their Resources Authentic!

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Your Child Deserves True Knowledge.
Be Careful Who They Take Their Knowledge From Lest They Go Astray!




We are Umm Assad Publications. An independently-owned book publishing company. A team of professional and trustworthy writers, editors, illustrators, students of knowledge and more wa-lillaahil-Hamd.


We live in a time where authentic resources are not attained from trustworthy people, not referenced correctly or include picture-making. So we’re here to support you in providing authentic children’s Islamic learning resources which captivate and educate young readers without compromising our beliefs.


We focus on the most important subjects every child needs to know and our priority is to protect 3 important steps in all our resources by Allah Ta’ala permission:

  1. Authentic Sources – Whenever an Islamic statement is made, it is referenced from authentic sources (i.e Quran and Sunnah) to connect you back to its source, the people of truth and to also give you the confidence that the texts itself are truthful
  2. No picture-making – Rest assured as you will not find any picture-making according to the correct understanding in Islam. All our images avoid anything with a soul in it as understood by the salaf
  3. Read and checked – Trustworthy students of knowledge, thoroughly read and check our resources to ensure its authenticity and before becoming available to you and your children.

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Baarik Allahu feekom!
Wa Allaahu a’alem…


216 thoughts on “Umm Assad Publications

  1. I need these books because as a revert I find it difficult to ensure I do not teach my children incorrect information.


  2. I want these books, as they are only amongst a handful that have no face illustrations. Clear and authentic drawing attention to not only righteousness but also correctness. I hope this will become repeated reads and a means of action reference points for Me and my children.


    1. I need these books for my children because they are authentic and do not use images. It is important that children grasp the concept of authenticity early and I love that the books are enjoyable to read too.
      It is very difficult to find books upon the correct aqeedah for children.


  3. I need these books because they are an amazing resource for my children and the other kids I teach. They are founded on haqq and illustrated appropriately, without faces MaashaaAllaah!!!
    Allaah put Barakah in your health and wealth and make your books reach every child, strengthening them in imaan and their relationship with Allaah. Aameen!


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